Man is a symbol of success and woman is a symbol of sex

Today I went to cooking school.

Most of the participants are woman. Of course, I like to learn cooking. However, or more importantly, I want to find a new girl friend who would be my future wife!

By the way, I saw a good movie titled red pill. I was impressed about the following phrase

Man is a symbol of success and woman is a symbol of sex.

I think this is a universal truth in now and old days, everywhere in the world.

Japanese curious features

Today I went to golf course. This is my first time to play golf in real course. I enjoyed a lot.

By the way, I notice the Japanese people features which have been kept since old days.

1) pressure to behave as other people do

2) low self estimate

3) formalism is more important than practicality.

New business

I want to start new business and escape from my current job.

My current job is not bad but is not secured. I am afraid of losing current good situation in my job. So I am preparing evacuation boat for future.

Negotiation is very important in business. Black and white thinking is not suitable in business and even in life.

Tomorrow I am going to go to golf. So I bought many goods for golf today.

My friendship is too narrow. This tendency has been continuing since I was a child.

I always have person who I believe I can depend on. I am too dependent person.

I should be more independent person.

I should keep distance from closer friends and keep close to distant friends.

I heard that there are three features which people who can not marry have.

These features are 1)response to mail is slow, 2)he or she is easy to be hurt, or do not want to be hurt. 3)he or she is always criticizing others.

I am surprised that I have all these three features.

I do not have enough idea and word to express myself. This may cause me to be difficult to connect people to me.