Low estimate talk is bad

I often say something about low self estimate.

This happen to me unconsciously.

It may harm my life.

I should stop this way of saying.

Japanese people has three tendencies.

First is low self estimate.

Second is synchronization pressure.

Third is formal rationally.

Put Deadline on your dreami

You should put deadline On your dreams.


1)Get extra 300000yen a month
Including 10000 yen in English site.

2)Econophysics connects research to side business maybe

3)Invisibility is ad?


1) I wanna marry a girl until next August.

2)I want to get the child in the same mouth Child in the same month.

3)New sex training until next December

No nipples

Penis movement

No kinky

Fewer master action.Every Tuesday no master action

3. Health

1)decrease weight

No sugar

No carbon

Physical training

2) Normalize chaotic sleeping time

Good bussiness

The condition of good business is as follows.

1) regular income

2) low invest or low capital

3) low stock

4) high profit rate

Japanese good restaurant

I went to the good French restaurant In Japan.

It’s near Ginza station.

I write the link to the information of this restaurant in the following.



東京都中央区銀座5-7-10 EXIT MELSA 8F


What I have done in my life

I was thinking about what I’ve done in my life.

I mean what I achieved recentlyAriel

I stopped eating sugar.

I stopped eating carbohydrate.

I started physical training.

I keep sleeping time.

I stopped curious fantasy in sex.

Two articles a week

I went to hospital and got medicine I always drink.

Today I had a plan to hold tennis activity. But it rained.

So I decided to stop activity. At night I prepare an article post tomorrow.

I decide to post two articles a week.

New business

Today I went to work. It’s very tough and sleepy.

I started a new business. but it isn’t growing.

I want to make it bigger.

Japanese curious country

I can’t sleep well.

Life is very complex.

Japanese society is very curious.

Same father cannot meet his children just because of the divorce.

It’s incredible that real father cannot meet his children.

I think that the Japanese university has a big program in general. professors cannot concentrate on research. They are forced to do no meaning paperwork and waste time.

I think sound recognition in English is very good much better than Japanese sound recognition machine.

Interface interface between human and machine is developing faster than I expected.