no fap journey

Today is the 4th day after last jerking.


I feel depressed in the morning. In the evening, I strongly want to jerk off, so I decided to go out.

nofap 9 days

It is 9 days since I started nofap.


I went to meet up and enjoyed a lot.

Before I went, I was reluctant to go. But after I went there, I feel it was better to go!

Nofap life 5 days

It is 6 days since I started nofap.

Now most of time I think about girl.

Sexually demand in my body get stronger.

What I am afraid is less ejaculation cause to lower productive power of seamen.

My metal condition is not stable enough.

I can not accept may aging maybe.

After 4 days after I started nofap, I asked contact Facebook information for woman and I got it in some English meetup.

In my life, this is rare case. Nofap effected in a god way??

Today I date a girl. Finally she seems to reject me, but I tried to approach her physically.

This is my main try and I achieve this though try does not succeed. But it is ok.

Rejection is always good.

Rejection is painful for most people.

However rejection is always good, because it  implies that you challenge a lot. For other reason of this, it desensitized your fear of rejection.