Recently I am very busy in social activity.

Today I wanna go to dancing club, but I am too tired to go there.

I needed to take a rest today.

Nofap has effect to sensitize my penis.

I can not see goal

I continue to nofap

I am afraid of losing current job

Current job income and status are good so I really afraid of losing job

I hardly believe I can continue to this job without any accidents?

Am I too anxious?

I want to another income and have a good family

I was targeting one girl but she seems to refuse me after she saw I was drunk

What should I do next?

Teach programming in English?

Finance site

Finance English site?

I am like a sheep which has no idea of goal

WHY is nofap important

I am gonna share my idea with you

1, Nofap sensitize your penis. It cures your ED.

2, nofap keeps your tension to girls. It increase chance to get girlfriends.

Morning cold shower

I heard that cold shower is good.

Why? I do not know.

Instead of morning cold shower, I start taking morning normal shower and see what would happen to me

After I came back from ex family, I am really tired. Why?

Maybe I was under pressure these days. That’s why I lost consciousness in the return plane.

I need to normalize sleeping rhythm.

Today I got up early. But now 5pm I am very sleepy.

Why are Japanese universities bad?

1, Japanese government mext strongly control all Japanese university. Japanese government education office is called mext. Mext has the right to distribute budgets to universities. They use this authority to control universities.

Mext makes the list of all items of reformation. If university obeys the item of reformation list, they get the points. If university get higher points,it get more budgets.

2,The number of children decreases, but the number of university increases. It forces professors to work for advertising and sale activity. As a result of this, researchers are running out of time for research and education.

3,Japanese people do not value research activity. This decreases the motivation of researchers. Furthermore government officer do not encourage Japanese researcher to research but encourage them for meaningless political issues.