Amazing city Shinjyuku in Tokyo

Shinjuku is the biggest station in japan. The number of passengers a day is most of all station in japan and maybe in the world.


shinjuku station roughly has three exits: east west north exits.


East exit of Shinjuku

East exit of Shinjuku station is most popular and there are a lot of stores, like electric device store, drinking bar, even pathedal.


West exit of shinjyuku

West side of Shinjuku station is more office oriented. Tokuo city office and parliament are there. The west side is calmer than east side and we have fewer restaurants outside of building.


There are many tall buildings is the west side. In the buildings, there are a lot of good restaurants.


the restaurants on west side is more sophisticated and slightly expensive than east side restaurants. But they are worthy.


South exit of Shinjyuku


South exit is relatively new. There are famous department Takashimaya.







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