Outlook of stock price of Eisai Co., Ltd in Japan

Ezai is one of phamaceutical companies in Japan. It is listed on the TSE(Tokyo Exchange Market) and also a member of Nikkei 225 stock indeces.

Let’s taka a look of the financial report.  Here is the 5 years list of avenue, operational income, and netcome of Eizai corporation.

The revenue and income seem to increase gradually. However they are not stabel. EPS is around 180 yen.


Next, lets have a look about PER and cashflows.

PER of Eizai is relatively high (around from 30 to 50). The operating cashfolw and cash is increasing and stabe. This is good impresson.


The total current assets is 484  billion yen and total liability is 426 billion yen. So There are almost no net current asset afte we remove total liability from it.


Now Eizai stock price is 7565yen (2019/3/24). And theortical stock price is 2700. (The theoritical stock price is computed by multiply EPS by 15). PER is 42.


Eizai stock price is higher that theoritical stock price.