Japanese stock of YA MAN will rise or drop?

We explain outlook of stock price of Japanese company YA MAN LTD(6630), which is a manufacturer
Of home facial beauty care instrument. Launched its bussiness with the import and sales of US made semiconductor manufacturing equipment in 1978. Subsequently commenced the import of beauty equipment for commercial use its supplier produced, and grew to be a leading company of household beauty and health equipment. Manufacturing of products including the internationally developed one is outsourced.


Has functions such as the mail order department for wholesaling to mail order films, the in store sales department for  wholesale is to mass Marchandisers of consumer electronics, and direct sales department leveraging informational based sales technique used in TV shipping programs.

Focuses on facial beauty instrument slimming machines and depilatory devices as well as dealing only minerals brand cosmetics


YA MAN is a pioneer and major manufacturer of household beauty and health equipment.

Let’s have a look at revenue and income records of YA MAN

The revenue of YA MAN has constantly been rising. The income is also increasing a lot. The total impression of revenue and income is very good.

Next table is 5 years record of price earnings ratio.

PE  ration of ya man is relatively high comparing with other companies.


Next let’s take a look at cash flow of ya man company.

Operating cash flow is increasing rapidly. Investment cash flow are within the operating cash flow for each year. So these cash flow records are very good.


Let’s see the segment information of YA MAN company.

Ya man has four segments. Online shopping segment, on site shopping, direct shopping, foreign segment.


Lets have a look the segment information of third quarter at last year.

Next table is the third quarter segment information of this year.

National segments does not change their performance but the international segment has great improvement on its performance.


As foreign segment performance is rising, YA MAN seems to

be promiseing.


Next figure is the stock price and theoritical price of YA MAN.

The stock price and theoretical of YA MAN moves in a similar way until 2017. But since 2017, the stock price is much higher than in theoritical price.  Recently stock price goes down to the threoritical price level.


Stock price of YA MAN is reasonbale now, it might be a chance to invest. It is worth while that we sould be careful about the decline of foreign peformance of YA MAN.