Katana Sword, Fully Handmade Real Japanese Sword High Carbon Steel Samurai Sword with Wooden Scabbard Alloy Guard


Japanese sword (the real), the Japan -specific blacksmith was made by the process sword is a generic term for a class.
Swords, in Japan Kofun era had been made from the previous, generally what is referred to as a Japanese sword is, Heian period there is a blade on one side of the blade there is a warp in which the mainstream later appeared at the end swords things .
Depending on the size, it is classified as a sword ( sword / sword ), ward (side finger), dagger . In a broad sense, long volumes , Naginata , swords , spears, etc. are also included.


The famous Japanese sword, the Japanese national treasure ” Daitsutsumitaira “, Demon Blade ” Muramasa “, ” thunder off “, Hideyoshi Toyotomi of love sword ” Phase one vibration “, ” world five sword ” and referred five Sword ( National Treasure ” Doji off “, ” crescent SoKon”, ” ōtenta “, important cultural property ” rosary circle “, imperial treasures ” Kunitsuna Onimaru”), and the like. For details see the Japanese swords list .

Along with the role as a weapon from ancient times , beautiful figures have a symbolic meaning, and many items are highly valued as artobjects. But there are many swords that have been lost. It was honored as a proof of authority in an ancestral lineage. There are also cases sometimes referred to as samurai. Its feature is that it is made of the steel that was trained in the “turn-back exercise method” and the structure that the blade and the basket ( stem , center) are united. On the stem, there is a hole (nail hole) for fixing the blade in the handle with nail nails (rarely a sword for dedication and no eye nail hole). Also, unlike swords of other countries, Japanese swords are characterized by the artistic value of the blade itself aside from the exterior (bamboo).

“Japanese sword” called designation

“Japanese sword” is originally a designation when viewed from outside Japan [Note 1] . In ancient Japan, it is called “Katana” or “Sword (Ken Tsurugi)” and does not use the designation “Japanese sword”. In addition, it is sometimes called ” seriously ” against a wooden sword , a bamboo sword, and a simulated sword .
The designation “Japanese sword” is seen in “Japanese sword song” of Ouyanga , a poet of Northern Song . In this poem, the merchant of Yue ( South China ) has been singing artistic viewpoints such as going to buy Japanese swords that were already called jewelry at that time and also their exterior and appearance. The beauty of the Japanese sword has already been accepted by overseas goodwill parties in the latter half of the Heian period – early Kamakura period , indicating that it was considered as one of export items.
The name “Japanese sword” is a generic name of Japanese unique swords different from swords outside Japan, and it was after the end of the Tokugawa period that it widespread as a general name for Japanese . Before that it was common to call in small classifications such as “sword sword (in there)” or “sword”

Sexy Japanese girl Risa yoshiki

Risa Yoshiki (Yoshi-out Lisa, 1987 July 27 -), the Japan of talent , singer , former gravure idol. Affiliation office is fit one . My husband is an actor, Masato Wada.

Born in Funabashi City , Chiba Prefecture. When I was a junior high school student, I was aiming for manga artists , but I became longing for idols, I received ” Morning Musume.LOVE Audition 21 ” at the second year of junior high school, but I was defeated.


In the spring of first-year high school Harajuku is a scout in the entertainment office fit one of the staff to enter the entertainment industry. I decided to debut as Enka singer and received about 2 years’ lesson. Originally, my mother likes enka and folk songs , started learning folk songs from the fourth grade of elementary school , and when he was in junior high school, he has won the regional competition so much . Therefore he says that he had a hard time changing fundamentally how to sing.

In November 2004, the first image video “Love” was announced. At that time, it was opposed by parents against gravure activity, but when Yoshiki became 20 years old it became understandable.

2008 December 24 , Fuyumi Sakamoto “of cherry blossoms Onana of” cover in, Tokuma Japan Communications singer debut from.

From August 2009, he appeared on Fuji TV ‘s variety show ” Campus Night Fuji ” and gathers attention. And later, on the cover and gravure page of various magazines, while released a photo book and image DVD, drama and movies, so active in various fields such as variety shows.

Graduated from Asia University in March 2010 . At the same time “Campus Night Fuji” also ended. At that time, at the unit “Campus Niters” consisting of performers, ” Even though you do not erotic songs that you can hear erotically ~ Hold your best! “, They recorded the highest 16th place on the Oricon weekly chart .
In January 2011, ” Serving Gravure” series by Lilly Frankie at the weekly magazine ” SPA! ” Will be selected as the best gravure in 2010 [10] . On March 2, we announced a single ” Destin Histoire ” under the name “yoshiki * lisa” . The same song was appointed as an opening theme for TV Tokyo ‘s animation ” GOSICK – Gothic – “.

On March 5, 2014, he released her first original album ” Pentomino ” in the name of Yoshiki Risa . June 28 , in Chiba Prefecture is the birthplace October 19 appointed PR ambassador of “Chiba Aqua Line Marathon 2014” to be held in.
On November 22, 2017, married to actor Masato Wada.

2 Lady 1 son The youngest sister of the brothers. My father is revealing that he is from Gifu Prefecture.
My hobby is animation , BL cartoon reading. Special skills are folk songs , shamisen performances. Left-handed (however, writing with right hand).
Hibari Misora is said to be a god. Enka singer likes Shimazu Aya etc.. On the other hand, I usually listen to Pops such as Namie Amuro , Ringo Shiina , Shonannokaze , Southern All Stars.
Make friends with Megu Fukuda co-starring on the regular program, sometimes appearing in each other’s blog.
Momoiro Clover Z fans.

Of 2010 broadcast TV Asahi variety show ” Dosupe 2 in face research Variety your face Society”, ” face of the golden ratio in the physiognomy studies based on”, in the photos “Japan Talent Directory”, the most “beautiful A face “was chosen [13] . Idol critic Kitagawa Masahiro says that her charm is the gap that “her looks like an oral lady who is looking for an orthodox beauty, she is wearing that erotic figure so much” .